About Us
Thomas Vivian Inc. sets the highest quality standards for home-health services, in existence today. Foremost, is our belief in equanimity in regard to the treatment of all our patients. Regardless of economic, ethnic or religious background, we are committed to fulfill the home-health needs of all members of the community.
Our Services

Skilled Nursing Services
•  Enteral feedings
•  Glucose monitoring
•  Injections
•  Therapeutic drug monitoring
•  Post surgical care
•  Foley catheter care
•  Care for chronic medical    conditions
•  Wound care
•  Infusions

Home-Health Aide Services
Dietitian Services
Social Services
Physicians & Hospitals Directory
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Enhance the Quality of Life at Home

There is no place like home.This is especially true when convalescing from illness or injury. Lorian Health “Home Health Care” provides an alternate for those who are well enough to go home, but are still in need of medical care. We deliver a full range of quality Home Health services for those who need assistance at home, whatever the need, age, illness or disability. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals is committed to enhancing the quality of each patient’s life by promoting health, hope and self-reliance.

Please call for more information or ask your physician to order Lorian Home Health for you today.

Lorian Health is a Medicare certified Home Health Agency.